Back Country Horsemen of Alaska

Working to protect natural land resources. Dedicated to preserving local and back country trails.

About Us

May 18, 2018

We are a trail friendly group. The Back Country Horsemen of Alaska is a service organization working with other groups to ensure that area and back country trails remain open to the public, and that our relationship with other user groups remains user-friendly.  In Alaska, we have two chapters: the Mat-Su and Kenai Peninsula.  This website covers both the Mat-Su chapter and the Kenai Peninsula chapter.

Trail Advocacy

We are an affiliate of the national group; the Back Country Horsemen of America. Like this organization, we have an interest in trail maintenance and preservation, both locally and in the backcountry.

Promotion of Minimal Impact Camping

We are advocates of Leave no Trace practices. One of our primary purposes is to both learn more, and educate others who are interested in learning more about low impact camping practices.


We are interested in, and eager to work with other trail user groups.  The Mat-Su chapter has, in the past, forged alliances with Chugach Range Riders, Interior Horsemen’s Association, Alaska Icelandic Horse Club, Driving Me Buggy Society, and the local chapter of Cowboys for Christ. The Kenai Peninsula chapter prides itself in working closely with the Kenai Peninsula Wildlife Refuge, the Kenai Peninsula Borough, as well as local forestry.

Volunteer Service:

BCHA members believe that the use of horses on public lands and trails can exist in harmony with the interests all Alaskan trail users.  We offer volunteer time and equipment to:

  • Clean up and clear trails
  • Build and improve trails
  • Create trailhead facilities
  • Assist agencies in planning strategies for trail use


Mat-Su Chapter
The 2024-2025 Mat-Su Back Country Horsemen of Alaska officers are:
President – Colleen Fisk
Vice President – Sarah Gotschall
Treasurer – Francine Long
Secretary – Cath Halley
Board of Directors – Sarah Rodriguez (4-H liaison), Pete Praetorius (grant writing help), Lori Benner (past secretary and more)

Kenai Peninsula Chapter

The 2022-2023 Kenai Peninsula Back Country Horsemen of Alaska officers are:
President – Craig Sanders
Vice President – Jaiden Bosick
Treasurer – Mary Green
Secretary – Carolann Barum
Board of Directors – Kerry Nelson (Lands Laison)


Download the Mat-Su membership form  and check out one of the meetings. If you are in the Kenai Peninsula area, then go to their membership offerings on their website. Meeting dates are regularly updated on individual Facebook Pages both for the Kenai Peninsula chapter and also on the Mat-Su chapter Facebook page. Subscribe to the Mat-Su listserv by emailing

Help Us Out!

Some things to consider when you meet up with one or several horseback riders on the trail:

  • When encountering other trail users, smile and be pleasant. We’ll do the same.
  • If you are coming up behind a horse, make your presence known in a calm voice. Say hello to the horse and rider. (It lets the horse know you’re not a bear!)
  • Please travel on the right side of the trail. This will help to prevent head-on collisions.
  • Put Leave-No-Trace principles to practice. We clean up behind our horses.